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Prior to the 2015-2016 season, the club Lance of course played in Ligue 1. And they had seasons there, including Champions League qualification. It is all the more surprising and frustrating to see this side relegated to Ligue 2, where they have been floundering for the fifth successive season. During that time, they have taken various places, made the play-offs, but lost there, and even lost on the outside. This season, it looks like the team have pulled themselves together and are determined to return to League 1, where they traditionally belong.

Before the spring stage of the championship, Lance were in second place, although nostril to nostril with Troyes and very close to the other chasers. That means we could see both a strengthening of the position and a slide from second place into the play-off zone, which already bears the risks of not climbing back into Ligue 1.

Like many clubs in France, Lance are noticeably better at home, with fewer losses and draws than away matches. The overall efficiency of Lansa’s home games this season is extremely poor. The opponents are afraid, they play shut, and the team itself is not exactly ablaze in the paint. So it is better to bet modestly, if to win, then simply, without minus forwards, if you manage to take a chance on nil – that s how you must act. You must not use big IBs either. It is reasonable to be limited to ITB(0.5) or ITB(1), either as single bets, when the odds reach at least 1.50, or including them in mini-extras. You may also play combinations like 1X plus TM(2.5), or TM(3.5).

On the road the general efficiency is higher, Lens concedes on a regular basis, and therefore they have to score more to get points. The draws and losses are relatively decent, though more so compared to the home games. You can bet on either ITB(0.5) or ITB(1) against Lans. As for the serious opponents, our two goals-against-two is a good bet. Also you may play a Nil or X2 against weaker teams.


French Ligue 2

In the last few years, Troyes have qualified to the French Ligue 1 twice and been relegated twice. So it’s hard to even say in which division this organisation’s place in the current historical stretch, either in Ligue 1 or Ligue 2. It’s a bit of a shuttle between leagues.

In the current Ligue 2 draw, Troyes are doing quite well, in the leading group. In addition to maximum chances to stay in the top five, the team has the opportunity to compete with Lans and displace it from the second line. However, there are two other competitors lower down, some 1-3 points away. So they too can step in.

Troyes have a very modest performance, but a decent defense that concedes less goals per game on average makes up for it, allowing them to go high in the championship. We also note the uncompromising nature of this team. It has produced extremely few draws in the current draw, either winning or losing. From this, with nine defeats, Troyes have managed to stay in the bottom three, although this is the indicator of the middle runners. Hence we conclude that playing on the main outcomes in their matches should be very careful, and insurance in the form of zero handicaps may not save. Playing for clear wins is possible, but only if you are confident that it will work against a particular opponent. But unpleasant surprises have already happened to this team, and not once.

Troyes are quite stable in scoring at home, so you can take their ITB(0.5) or ITB(1) in some mini-extras, doubles, trebles. The team also concedes regularly. Therefore, it is reasonable to play the “both goals – yes” variant against the opponents, who are well ahead. You can also use a general TB(2) on home games.

Troyes are clearly tougher on the road, scoring regularly but a lot, and conceding just under half as much as at home. For many games, in this regard, you can play them on ITB(0.5). Also the combination bet X2 plus TM(2.5) becomes appropriate.


14. Overview Of French Ligue 2

Club Ajaccio in recent seasons shows some strange “swings” in terms of results in Ligue 2. The club is now dragging in the bottom or in the middle, and then makes it to the playoffs. And here in the current championship we are witnessing another peak in form. While the team is in the fourth place, just a point behind Troyes and Lans. So there is a chance to at least keep in the top five, and there, perhaps, to outplay their rivals.

Ajaccio’s strong point is their defence. The team conceded few goals, and only the extremely “arid” Valenciennes allowed fewer goals in their goals. However, the Bears are doing better offensively. As for an underperforming league, the 1.37 goals per game average can be considered good.

Surprisingly, the team performs better on the road than at home. This is reflected in all scores, be it in points, victories, goals scored or conceded. Since Ajaccio’s attack is a bit more energetic closer to the spring, you can take their ITB(0.5) or even ITB(1), either at home or away. Pure victories on home field are definitely not worth playing for, if and look towards the outcome, when the opponent allows, it is wise to insure a zero handicap. It’s not a bad measure on the road, either. You can also play combinations: double odds and TM(3.5), but it is up to the opponent. If you’re talking about direct rivals, it’s better not to get involved in such games at all.

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