How to make money on your hobby

How to make money on your hobby?

Doing what you love and getting paid for it is probably the dream of almost everyone. Nowadays, it has never been easier to monetize your hobbies. If you are good at something and you get pleasure from such an activity, why not make money on it? 

There are three ways to monetize a hobby – sell products, sell services, or host ads related to your favourite activity. For example, if you knit, you can sell knitwear, teach knitting, or run a knitting blog and advertise craft shops there. This applies to almost any activity. If you sing or play a musical instrument, you can make money by performing, selling lessons, or advertising, for example, on your YouTube channel.



If you like to write, have a good command of the word and feel the style, you don’t need to write “on the table”. You have several options on how to turn words into money. First, you can blog. Yes, blogging seems to be a little behind, but if you really have something to say, it’s never too late to get your own website. 

How to monetize a blog? Conventional contextual and banner advertising is no longer working well. It is best to do reviews on goods and services, as well as connect to referral programs of online stores. You need to talk about the products you have chosen, provide links and receive a percentage of each sale that occurred on your recommendation. Many shops have such programs.

Another option is to become a copywriter. Choose your niche and look for online publications that need an author on your topics. It may take weeks to find, but sooner or later you will definitely find an employer who needs you. Just don’t try to write about everything. Pick a few topics you’re an expert on and hit that spot. For example, you can write for the TonyBet Nigeria website and earn money from it.


You can monetize any kind of needlework. The main condition is that you like what you do. You should not monitor the market to determine what is better to buy. If you have to force yourself to make, for example, fashionable scrapbook cards, although you would prefer less popular quilling, then the result is unlikely to be of high quality, and you will quickly get bored with a new hobby. Buyers immediately see what products and services you put your heart into, and what you do just for the sake of making money. There are thousands of needlewomen selling their goods. How will you be different? With its history, its style, “handwriting”. The more you are in your products, the more likely you are to be loved. 

Computer games

Computer games

If you are not torn away from computer games, why not combine business with pleasure? You can record walkthroughs of popular games, upload them to YouTube and earn from ads. You may be contacted by game developers to review a particular game. In addition, you can advertise stores of gaming equipment or themed goods.


Do you have to travel a lot for work or are you just crazy about travel and visit other cities and countries whenever possible? Again, start a blog! It could be a traditional blog site or an Instagram account with colorful photos and useful travel tips. Pay attention to the fact that it is the tips that will bring you more subscribers and potential advertisers, because photos are, of course, beautiful and interesting, but real tips and tricks are what subscribers need. When you have a lot of followers, you can even contact travel companies and go on press tours for free.

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