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6 Teams To Bet In The French Ligue 2


Club Châteauroux are in their third season in the second division. So far, the team has not achieved much success, consistently finishing in the middle of the table, or slightly below. In the current 2019-2020 draw, the team is also going about in this zone, even slightly below the usual.

The main problem for Châteauroux today is the weakness of their attack. It has the worst scoring record in the entire league. Only their own tolerable defence, conceding less than many, keeps the team relatively safe from the relegation zone.

Chateauroux’s home results are even slightly worse than their away ones. So you have to be careful when this team visits someone. Basically, the betting vector, as for the outsider, is from the opponents. It is better to insure against draws, take opponents’ double odds and TM. If the team is strong, you can catch their ITB in games against Chateauroux.


Club Rodez won the National League last season and moved up here to Ligue 2. So far, the team is not going very well, having settled at the bottom of the table on the eve of the spring stretch of the championship. The team is scoring at an average level, just over a goal per game, conceding slightly more. The low place is due to a fair number of defeats, surpassing both draws and victories.

Rhodes has better results at home, at least with a parity of wins and losses, along with a plus goal difference. So, in games against strong, passive away teams, you can even bet from the home team’s point of view: on ITB, zero-trump, double odds. On the road, Rodes is struggling to score, with very few opportunities to win. Draws, however, have been picked up. It is reasonable to bet on an opponent’s goal or on its 1X combination with ТМ(3.5).


For the foreseeable past, FC Paris have been relegated to the National League. They came back just before last season. Firstly it was in the middle of the table, but the last championship was an anomaly, with super success. There the team finished fourth, and lost only in the playoffs. This season we’ve seen obvious regression. The team is creeping up near the relegation zone, and clearly can’t feel safe.

Paris are very unstable. These results are confusing in waves. For example, they had a great run in February, beating some serious rivals and thus moving out of the relegation zone. But how long this progress will last is hard to say. As long as the positive trend is going on, you can catch goals from Paris, somewhere even play them with X or zero handicaps. If the trend reverses again, then of course rewind and follow a clearer local pattern.


Bet on French Ligue 2

Team Niort have been in Ligue 2 for quite some time, if you consider the foreseeable period of history. The collective has consistently been quoted as a mid-table or relative outsider. They have rarely been relegated, but they have not finished above the mid-table either. In the current championship we can note the decline. The team is in the zone of the play-offs, where there is almost no point gap to the direct relegation places.

If Nyors can score, even at the level of some mid-tier teams, then their defence fails them, as it concedes quite a lot. As a result, there are more defeats than wins and draws in total. At home they were more or less equal in terms of results and goals, but as for away teams, they scored too much. As a result, against some opponents, who are not doing better, especially away, you can even play on their 1X and TM(3.5). Away, you almost always have to go against, taking home goals, no losses, zero handicaps, and somewhere even clean wins if you’re talking about strong teams in good tone.


Club Le Mans climbed up to Ligue 2 before the current draw, having beaten Gazellec in the knockout rounds. However, succeeding and securing a place in the French second division is unlikely. With a tolerable, around one, goalscoring average per game, Le Mans concede too much. It is the worst defensive performance in the league.

In home games, things are not so terrible. Approximately equal wins and losses, close goal difference. But in away games, the eclipse begins. About two goals per game on average were scored by them, and they responded with almost one. As a result – a lot of defeats. So, for Le Mans home games you must be careful in betting, more oriented on the strength of the opponent, play cautious total, and if the outcome, then you must reinsure. On the road, however, strictly take the home side’s ITB, taking advantage of Le Mans’ leaky defence. It’s also appropriate to consider the outcomes, also against them, zero handicaps, or outright wins.


The Orléans team almost got relegated three seasons ago. After that there were a couple of good draws, where the club was in the middle or even a little higher. Now the situation is unfortunate again. The team is stuck at the bottom, with a solid lead from even the penultimate place. Of course the 6 points are coming off, the neighbours will obviously lose points, but Orleans themselves need to get a grip.

The reasons for the failure lie in the rattling combination of a weak attack and a hole-in-the-wall defence. So both Orleans’ scoring rate is one of the worst in the league, and the conceding rate is almost at an anti-record. That said, the squad is not hopeless in terms of squad, so we’ll probably still see some fight in the team’s performance before the end of the draw. This means that despite the status of the clear outsiders, we have to keep our eyes on Orleans, even play for their goals, plus goals, double chances. But it is necessary to choose the opponents carefully, and catch glimpses of progress from the team itself.


French Ligue 2

The French Ligue 2 is not very productive on average, so for those rare games where you can see the upper hand, it’s better to play it safe and don’t go over the limit with TB(1.5), TB(2). A lot of games here are well suited to betting on TMs.

The abundance of draws and not very productive football in general promotes the combination betting, i.e. double odds and TM. Only the value of the total must be chosen individually according to the opponents, whether they play at home or away. For someone and TM(2.5) will do, as a basic working option, and with some clubs it is better to take a caution, to take TM(3.5) or even TM(4.5).

We have our favourites here and we can play them in a more direct way by taking nil handicaps, spot wins and easy wins. Bearing in mind the average low performance, it is wise to play ITB without going over 1.

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