Deal Or No Deal

Play Deal Or No Deal Online: Here’s how

You can spin the wheel of fortune in real time and hope to make it to the final round. The game works just like you might already know it from the iconic TV show.Play Deal or no Deal The live version for online casinos was created by Evolution Gaming and is always played with a real dealer, with whom you will communicate live and therefore always in real time.

To play Deal or No Deal, money must be deposited in the casino of your choice. At most casinos, prior registration is necessary for a deposit. At Pay N Play casinos, this step is omitted. But in any case: Real winnings are only available with real deposits. You can also use a bonus, but more about that below. First of all, let’s take a look at the basics and how the game works.

Choose from One of Three Modes

Play Deal Or No Deal

When you play Deal or No Deal online, you must first activate one of three modes. These are your options:

  • Normal: This option gives you the cheapest way to play Deal or No Deal. At the same time, however, this mode makes it harder for you to score all three symbols to get into the show.
  • Simple: A gold-coloured symbol is already on one of the fields you have to match in this variant. This gives you an advantage and increases the likelihood of landing in the game. However, as you can imagine, this mode costs a little more.
  • Very simple: If you choose this variant, then two golden symbols have already been placed for you. Only one is missing to get to the show. You then pay the highest price for these spins, but also have the greatest probability of making it into the game.

As for the stakes, Deal or No Deal has opted for a wide range. Gamble with 10 cents up to 100 euros per spin. Your goal is to qualify for the game. Three gold-coloured symbols are required for this.

You have made it into the game: Here’s how it continues

Deal Or No Deal casino game

Once you have entered the game, you can play Deal or No Deal and try your luck in the game with the 16 suitcases. How much you win in the suitcases depends on your bet and the Top Up. The Top Up appears as soon as you have made it into the game. You can spin a wheel of fortune before the real game begins, which will stow corresponding prizes in your suitcase. A Top Up costs at least 10 cents. You should therefore think carefully about how much you invest. Of course, the higher your Top Up, the higher the winnings tend to be. The Top Up will also determine what the banker offers for your suitcase.

Making decisions under time pressure

Anyone who has played the game knows that it is not easy to withstand the pressure. Decisions have to be made quickly, you never have much time. In fact, the game master only allows you 20 seconds. After that, a decision has to be made. And you will certainly quickly realise how much money can be at stake here – and how much you might also lose. It is precisely this thrill that has helped the game to become a success, and this applies just as much to the live version. Because even though you are only sitting at your screen at home, you will clearly feel the excitement.

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